by Tina
(New York)

Hi I coach a little league team and we have a rule if the team is up by 10 runs no stealing. So I had a game where the other team was up by 15 runs which means no stealing. There was a girl on third and she took a huge lead where she was only a few steps from home. My pitcher threw the ball to third base and the girl ran home. Is this considered a steal? If so she should be sent back since stealing was not allowed because they were up by so much?

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No Steal Rule
by: Dan

Hi Coach,

First of all, the no steal rule was put in place so the team that is ahead does not run up the score and embarrass the other team. It is supposed to be about sportsmanship. No idea what the other coach was thinking. Also, the fact that the player was a few steps from home raises a safety concern as well. How does the player get out of the way if the batter hits it down third base? So, again, no idea what the other coach was thinking. As a coach, being up 15, you should be throttling back the team. This is 10U and it should be about teaching the players the game.

Regarding your question: If your pitcher throws the ball to third, then, yes, she is putting the ball in play and the runner can score at her own risk. Another question, and I do not know the rules of your league, but doesn't the runner have to re-tag the base (in this case third base) after every pitch? If the runner did not, then the runner should have been called out.

Many issues with this behavior by the other coach …


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