Third out on appeal, does run count?

by Richard DAlessandro (softball coach- Sauquoit Valley H.S.) N.Y.

Runners on second and third-one out. Fly ball to left, the ball is caught. Both runners tag and advance. The runner on second left early: we appeal and she is called out. I then appeal to third. She left on time: does the 4 out rule apply here?

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Fourth Out?
by: Coach Dan


Thank you for your question. I was very intrigued by it. I looked through several rule books, and of course found no specific answer to this ... but, believe it or not, I found the answer in Wikipedia under "Appeal Play". here is what it said:

Contrary to popular belief, an appeal out is not a force out unless it is regarding a missed force base. For example, if a runner from third base tags up and scores, but a runner from second base leaves too early, failing to tag up, and then is put out on the appeal, the run counts if it was scored before the appeal by the fielders. Rare situations with a viable appeal on a runner who misses his force base require the umpire to recognize an apparent fourth out.

So, it appears that the rule that controls is the fact that the run scored prior to the base runner is called out. Only on a force play does the run not score.

Hope this helps,


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