Umpire ruled two runners out no run

by Bill
(Fort Myers)


So the situation was, it is bases loaded and one out. There is a five run rule in each inning and the runner at third would be run number 5. The batter hit a long fly over the outfielder's head and the runner at third scored. The batter did touch first base. The other two runners did not touch the advancing bases. The teams ran off the field and the fielding team appealed that they should be out and no run scored. The umpire agreed. I had a fit. Is this correct? Thank you very much. I look forward to your answer.

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Force Out
by: Dan

Hi Bill,

It sounds like this call caused quite a commotion. Based on the scenario you laid out, I am looking at Rule 8 (Batter-Runner and Runner), Section 8 (Runner is Out) at both C: When, on a force play, a fielder contacts the base while holding the ball, touches the ball to the base or tags the runner before the runner reaches the base. Effect - Section 8 A-E: The ball is in play and the runner is out. I think this forms the basis of the challenge.

But the one that fits is Rule 8; Section; G:When the runner fails to touch the intervening base or bases in regular or reverse order and the ball is returned to an infielder and properly appealed. If the runner put out is the batter-runner at first base; or any other runner forced to advance because the batter became a batter-runner, this is a force out.

So neither the runner on first or second before the hit touched the next base, so as per section G, this is a force out. And as you know, on a force out that creates the third out of an inning, the run does not count even if the runner at third touches home prior to the out being recorded. Rule 5 (The Game); Section 5 (Scoring of Runs) B:No run shall be scored if the third out of the inning is the result of (3) A preceding runner is declared out on an appeal play. NOTE: An appeal can be made after the third out in order to nullify a run.

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