by bruce austin
(trophy club texas u.s.a.)

can r1 take second if pitcher places ball between her knees to fix her hair? on a 3rd strike the ball hits the catcher's knee guard and is kicked by the runner no play is possible what is the ruling? a fly ball to deep left is bobbled the runner tags before the ball is actually in the glove ball is thrown to her base is she out?

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Umpire calls
by: Dan


Thank you for your series of questions. I will try to answer based on my understanding of the situations you laid out.

If the ball is in the circle and the picther has control of the ball ... even between her legs, the runner cannot advance. If anything, the runner should be called out for leaving the base early. Effectively, once the ball is in the circle and all base runners are settled on their base, the play is dead.

On a dropped third strike, a batter can attempt to run to first. In this case, the runner kicked the ball. The unpire will have to determine if it was intentional. If accidental, then the play will run as normal. If intentional, the umpire will stop the play, call the batter/runner out and all other runners must return to their original base. I am guessing it was not intentional so she can get to first safely if no play is made by the catcher of other fielder.

On the fly out to left field, if the runner left the base while the outfielder was still bobbling the ball, then the outfielder does not have possession, so the runner left the base early. The outfielder, once she controls the ball, can throw to the original base from where the runner came from and force her out at first.

Hope this helps,

Ball in circle, D3k and bobbled catch
by: Anonymous

Ball in the circle and lookback violation is going to depend on rule set. Most rule sets if the pitcher has possession of the ball in the circle the lookback rule is in effect. In USA (formerly ASA) the rules specify possession and control. The ball must be in the throwing hand or in glove on glove hand to be considered to have control. If ball is between pitchers legs, under arm, under chin etc in USA the lookback rule is not in effect.

If the batter kicks a dropped 3rd strike away from the catcher they are out for interfering with a D3K. Intent makes no difference except for in NCAA softball.

On a fly ball, runners are released as soon as the defense touches the ball. As long as they were in contact with the base or tagged up after the ball was first contacted they are free to advance. Otherwise the defense could purposely bobble the ball all the way into the infield in order to keep runners from advancing.

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