We have a runner on first, sinking line drive to the pitcher. Home plate umpire points to the ground saying it was not caught in the air. Runner on first advances to second. Pitcher throws to first to get the batter. I tell our runner to stay on second because the initial call by the plate umpire was it was not caught in the air. Other team asks for another opinion from the field umpire as to whther the ball was caught in the air which is granted. They overturn it and say our runner at first is now doubled off. How can that be overturned after the plate umpire signalled it was not a catch in the air which then FORCES our runner to run because it wasnt caught in the air? It was a USA tournament.

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Reversal of Decision Putting Runner in Jeopardy
by: Dan


Thank you for your question. Please look at Rule 10 (Umpires) Section 6 (Umpire's Judgement) C: The Umpire in Chief may rectify any situation in which the reversal of an umpire's decision of a delayed call by an umpire places a batter-runner, a runner of the defensive team in jeopardy. The correction is not possible after one legal or illegal pitch has been thrown, or after the pitcher and all infielders vacated their normal fielding positions and have left fair territory on their way to the bench or dugout area, or after the last play of the game, the umpires have left the field of play.

Clearly, the runner at first was put in jeopardy and should have been put back at first and not called out.

Good luck with your season,

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