What is a drag bunt?

by andres
(oak ridge nc)

what is drag bunt?

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Drag Bunt
by: Coach Dan

The intent of a drag bunt is totally different than a sacrifice (or what most people think of as a regular bunt). The intent of a sacrifice bunt is for the batter to square around and bunt the ball to advance the runner with the likely case being the person bunting will be thrown out at first. Coaches will do this with less than two outs to move runners in scoring position especially if good hitters are coming up to bat.

The intent of the drag bunt is to for the batter to get on base safely (it will be scored as a single). Therefore, the batter will not square around and "give herself up (as an out)", but drop the bat head on the ball at the last minute to try and surprise the corner infielders (first and third baseman) and pitcher. This will be done if the third baseman or first baseman are playing far back in the infield (behind their bags) and you have a fast runner at the plate.

So that is the philosophy behind it. To actually teach your players to do it, they basically stand at the plate as if swinging away. As the pitcher takes is going through her motion, the batter drops her front foot back and then begins to move forward in the box (getting a running start)strikes the ball while still in the batters box (why taking a step back towards the catcher first), and puts her bat head out as if to "catch the ball" as it crosses her and directs it either to third or first. This is about deadening the ball, not driving it anywhere and therefore not taking a swing. That would be a slap. One more thing: Generally you teach your faster players to do this lefthanded, regardless if they hit left or right. This gives them an extra step towards first, and probably makes them about a second faster.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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