What is the call?

by bobm

Full count rt hand batter, 10u, ball is pitched and obvious ball high and on rt side of home plate. Batter steps across home plate as the ball passes and she is hit with ball. What is the call?

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My answer is ...
by: Dan


It took me a couple of reads to understand what happened. It sounds like the right handed batter, walked across the plate in the middle of the pitch into the left handed batter's box and was hit with the ball. I'd be very interested to know what the umpire called and why.

Let's try this ... Rule 7, Section 6, Point N says: "The batter shall not hinder the catcher from catching or throwing the ball by stepping out of the batter's box, or intentionally hinder the catcher while standing within the batter's box, when the catcher is attempting to make a play on a runner; or interfer with a play at home plate." In effect she did step out of the batter's box ... actually stepped from one to the other. So, technically, I guess she could have been called out.

Also, Rule 7, Section 3, Point D says, "The batter shall not step directly in front of the catcher to the other batter's box while the pitcher is taking the signal or is in the position to pitch or anytime thereafter prior to the release of the ball. Effect: The ball is dead, the batter is out and the runners may not advance." Again, technically she is out. Although, did she move to the other side after the release of the ball?

But at 10U, I am not sure what she was thinking and if the umpire just called ball 4 and issued a walk ... I am probably OK with that too.

I can find nothing about crossing the home plate after the release of the ball to get hit by the ball. Based on the above two sections, it leads me to believe that she was called out.

If anyone has the real answer, please write in.

Kind regards,

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