What is the standard positions for third base?

Where do tell your third baseman to set up to play third base on any play?

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Third baseman positioning
by: Coach Dan

Thank you for your question. Because small ball is such a big part of the game AND the base paths are only 60 feet, I always have my third baseman play in front of the bag. Not even and not on the outfield side. The reason is I want to discourage small ball. Also, for a quick runner, a little dribbler will be beaten out. Now, no doubt this will require the person occupying the hot corner to have excellent hands. If you play them back, they will bunt all day on you. Ironically, on the Little League game on television the other day between Michigan and Tampa, this is exactly what was happening. The Tampa third baseman was playing back, like it was baseball, and Michigan dropped down one bunt after another. This will create undo pressure on both your pitcher and your defense. So play the third baseman up and force the batter to earn first base.

If others have a viewpoint, please share.

Kind regards,


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