What would the call B

by Matthew Morgan
( Costa Mesa California )

The girls are playing. There’s a minute left. There’s two outs. There’s a girl on second and they call time out. She runs over to the coach. They talk. She runs back to second base and stands there. And all the girls were in a huddle by the pitcher and they were talking to and then they all went back to their position. The girl at second decides to run to third base. And they called her out. What is the ruling on that

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What's the call
by: Dan

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your question.

First, with regard to how the timing issue works, that is dependent on the rules of the tournament. The timing issue can either be a hard stop, meaning if all out are not recorded, then the score will revert to the last total inning completed. It can also be a soft stop, meaning once an inning starts, it must be completed. You will have to look at the tournament rules. Also, whether the game clock continues to run even if there is a time out is also a tournament rules decision.

That all being said, under Rule 8 - Batter-Runner and Runner, Section 8 The runner is out S: (Fast Pitch only) when the runner fails to keep contact with the base to which the runner is entitled until the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.

So if she left before the pitcher released the ball on the pitch, she is out. With regard to how the clock impacts this, you would have to review the tournament rules.

Best of luck with your season!


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