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Worth Softball bats range from the beginner to the high end expensive bat. If you know the size, weight and make of the bat you are looking for, you are ready to determone the model you want at the best price you can find. If you see the same bat twice, it is to offer a little comparative shopping options.

My older daughter always looked for a Worth when selecting her bat. It was primarily because of the unique grip they have which added to her comfort level with the Worth softball bat. The grip had a protrusion that allowed her to feel comfortable with how she held the bat and have the same grip every time. This level of comfort allowed for one less thing to think about while at the plate. As I have pointed out in the bat selection page, sometimes it is as much about mental comfort as the size and length of the bat.

The best Worth bats will easily run you $200 - $300+. These bats will have the latest technology from Worth, as the seek to maximize the overall performance of the bat in terms of power and distance. Experienced players will invest in these bats, as they get their value from both the durability of the bat as well as performance. When you are playing 80 - 100+ games per year, a bat that you can rely on is extremely important.

If you are still deciding if softball is for you, a cheaper bat will serve your purposes as you perfect the basic mechanics of your swing. A great way to get the technology and performance of the  more expensive bats but at a more reasonable price is to look for either leftover bats from previous years or "blem" bats. These are usually just as good as the current year's edition (assuming no change from last year's model), may have gone through a color change, or, in the case of blem's, may have a slight color disfiguration. Please note that with blem bats, there is nothing structural wrong with the bat. The paint job or other exterior issue arose during manufacturing. 

The first store contains both bats from Amazon and several online sports equipment stores. If, after you page through all of the pages, you don't find your model, use the search at the top of the section by entering the model and size (length by weight). It will scan all of Amazon's inventory to see if it has the bat for sale. You will find both the latest Worth softball bats and some leftovers.

The second store contains a set of sports equipment retailers and will have the latest Worth bats that are available. Several retailers are included so you can comparative shop. Generally, they will have the current year bats with some leftovers. You may want to look carefully at the “leftovers”, because bat manufacturers will make major changes every three to five years with cosmetic changes in the other years. The leftovers are generally sold at a steep discount, depending on the time of year. It might be wise to do a little research to understand the difference between the current year’s bat and the previous year(s).

If you like using eBay to find your equipment, scroll down to the eBay section to see what Worth softball bats are currently up for auction. There is also a search function to give you a complete list of all of the Worth fastpitch softball bats up for auction. Note that if you use the search function, you will have to use your "back" button on your browser to return to Fastpitch-Softball-Coaching.com as the search function does not open in a new window.

If you are a coupon or deal shopper, you will now find the latest deals and coupons from our various partners. In addition, there is a search box that will help you locate a specific deal or coupon for what you are looking for. If a code is needed, click on the box, and it will reveal the code and take you to the store. If no code is needed, simply click on the box, and a new window will open for the store.

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